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Mr. Fiero would like to offer all visitors to this website his assistance, expertise and guidance in helping anyone find the Fiero of their dreams.
If you would like assistance finding a car or an opinion on a Fiero prior to purchasing it feel free to contact me using the email address noted in the “Contact Us” tab of this website.
If you live in another country and would like help finding a good condition Fiero in the United States or Canada and would like assistance shipping it to your home country Mr. Fiero is here to help you. There is still a good supply of Fieros out there and many in need of finding a new home. Just send me a note describing what year and model you are looking for and I will help you find it and get it on its way to you. I can also help locate hard to find parts and accessories for your Fiero and would be willing to ship those parts to any destination in the world if it helps save a Fiero because all Fieros are worth saving!
Looking forward to hearing from you regarding your car search or any other Fiero related question you may have.
Black Fiero GT 1986
Mr. R. Fiero

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